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You take care of your content and we take care of everything else. Simple and uncomplicated.

The enormous installation base, acceptance, and flawless performance of Skype for Business is the basis for the smooth integration of MeetS4B. A modern webinar and meeting infrastructure that is totally detached from your existing hardware resources. MeetS4B combines all the advantages of Skype for Business with an increased higher scalability (for up to 1,000 attendees) and individual services, developed and customized for the demands of multinational companies.



We are your organizer. We set up the meeting for you, we generate and send out the invitations, we ensure that all attendees find their way into the meeting and that they will all have the same brilliant audio and video experience. A dedicated agent will be ready to assist you half an hour before the meeting begins making sure that everything is properly set up and ready to go. There is no need for hesitation for inexperienced users.


Our live support is always there for you. Specially equipped with a dedicated chat support system, attendees can address their technical concerns in a separate channel anytime creating a relaxed meeting environment that prevents meeting content overlaps.


You will receive a specially prepared recording from us, which you can provide to your participants and customers as an on-demand webinar. All relevant information about your meeting is provided (visitor numbers, type of dial-up, visit duration …) through a detailed reporting. You also have the option to access your own customer dashboard, which provides a wealth of information and allows you to make qualitative conclusions about your audience.

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Let us explore the possibilities of real time multimedia communication. Improved, direct virtual communication that makes efficient use of resources by helping you to drastically reduce costs and organizational efforts – resulting in fewer business trips. Giving you more time to focus on your customers, engage in business transactions, to gather great ideas and achieve a higher level of success.

Monika Chabowski
Project Manager MeetS4B

Antje Henneke
Executive Vice President

Kimberly Gubala
Business Development Manager

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