Demand for maximum quality

Datavision implements sophisticated projects in the field of conference and presentation technology for industry and trade. Specialized teams work in eight branch offices located all across Germany. In addition to customized individual consultation for various communications environments and project implementation conducted by certified service technicians, individual product training courses are among their strong core competencies. They are one of the leading companies in their core business since 1995. In 2015, Datavision became a Microsoft partner being responsible for Surface Hub devices sales allowing them to expand quickly and developing into one of the most important suppliers of Microsoft Surface Hub.

Being better than ordinary

In 2016, Datavision was able to win one of the largest automotive manufacturers as a Surface Hub customer. The international focus of the company, with the multitude of branch offices all over the world, combined with the wide range of application devices meant that they had a tremendous requirement for comprehensive training. MeetS4B provided the ideal platform for this scale of customer training. MeetS4B intends to meet the needs of the target group with its fast and efficient reach that is designed to effectively meet a customer’s training requirements. MeetS4B combines the best communication technology with excellent individual user support, to provide a truly rewarding learning experience. Datavision has specifically chosen MeetS4B as a solution partner complete with its service and technology base to meet the high standards of their customers.

“LM IT Services AG provides a service with MeetS4B that enables us to train our customers directly and without losses in the handling of Surface Hub. Simple and professional. It is important for us that our customers are are actively supported and not being left alone. Our aim is to offer to our customers the solution and the service they deserve and win their acceptance as a trustworthy business partner and consultant. We want to inform and educate our customers with direct communication. We have found the optimal platform with MeetS4B. In addition, our customer uses Skype for Business and can dial into the training using his local client.”
Bastian Braun

“Skype for Business is a technology that works excellently. MeetS4B broadens the technology and combines it with outstanding services. Especially the personal support, recording and provisioning service ensure satisfied participants. Simple, good, without any media discontinuity.”
Bastian BraunBusiness Unit Manager, Microsoft Surface Hub, Datavision GmbH

Skype for Business
Service of the highest quality


To share company relevant information is a big challenge, particularly in international companies. To let employees participate creates a personal reference and effective learning. For Datavision, the consistent information transfer in the context of using Surface Hub is very important. Therefore, the customer had the highest demands during the initial training. These included an intuitive application client, a wide range of interaction options, and a sophisticated service organization. A dial-in via telephone and access via a web browser or mobile device should be just as obvious as a high-quality audio and video stream. In a test up to 300 participants have been invited to online meetings. The participants were able to ask questions, individually interact with each other, and provide the content via a screen sharing in a live demo for different target groups or via a presentation stream.


Datavision finally opted for MeetS4B after an extensive market research. Local dial-in numbers, very good compatibility with different operating systems and individual support were the reasons for this decision. MeetS4B can handle significantly higher requirements with Microsoft Skype for Business as its technological foundation than previous solutions. A reliable technology that was previously intended exclusively for internal company use now offers a meeting environment in which the entire company can be actively involved regardless of its location. This convinced the decision makers at Datavision and their customers. In addition, the availability of the recordings in an excellent quality guarantees a broad distribution and an increased sustainability. MeetS4B ensures consistent high performance through distributed data centers and hybrid provisioning at nearly 100% availability.

Service & Technology

“Our goal was to establish a solution which can reach every employee in the companies of our customers and their customers too. Skype for Business provides the perfect base: Secured channels, state-of-the-art, reliable audio and video capabilities, as well as a fail-safe and highly available infrastructure. For these reasons, a very large number of the Fortune 500 Companies already use Skype for Business for their internal communication. MeetS4B offers the ideal complement to handle large managed meetings and webinars without stressing your resources. MeetS4B extends available technical capabilities and ensures that large meetings, webinars, or training sessions no longer require their own infrastructure. MeetS4B combines large meetings with an existing client with real-life support and with globally available dial-in numbers to a new meeting experience. MeetS4B works just great! We are connecting the professional services of our event department and development team with the Microsoft product portfolio and are able to create a great, innovative and scalable solution. Furthermore, we perfected this complete package by using efficient data centers in Europe and America as well as an integrated cloud service. Additionally we offer this package for an extremely attractive price. Our service is completely dedicated to the requirements and needs of enterprise customers.”

Norbert Morlock, Head of Solution Sales & Business Development, Project Lead MeetS4B, LM IT Services AG

MeetS4B Service Promise

We created an independent and global meeting infrastructure to conduct partner and end user training with interaction and sharing functionality as a standalone service based on Microsoft Skype for Business. Our guidelines to build the system depend on reliability, scaling options, high availability, accessibility, and ease of use. The technical implementation requires a profound knowledge of the Skype for Business infrastructure, awareness of the customization capabilities, and the technical possibilities that Azure provides as services. We wanted to establish a better eco system that can cover a wider range of operational and usage scenarios compared to existing competitors. Our strategy is the combination of outstanding technologies with an excellent support organization, consisting of inspired and customer-focused agents.

Added value for Datavision and their customers

  • High number of participants can be addressed (up to 1,000 / meeting).
  • Live demos to Surface Hub via video and audio features.
  • Direct, multilingual support for the participants.
  • Use existing Skype for Business clients.
  • Full-service recording and web sharing via Office 365 video portal. No additional platform required.
  • Not stressing the internal communication infrastructure.
  • Organizational preparations, implementation and follow up of the meetings are executed by external teams.
  • Consistent presentation of the features of Microsoft Surface Hub with Skype for Business for better and more consistent placement of the functions and application scenarios.
  • Detailed reporting and use of PowerBI for real-time evaluation.
  • Cost savings up to 90% compared to previous training courses.
  • Increased customer satisfaction from 68% to 91%.
  • Cost savings up to 70% compared to previously used tools and training methods.
  • Reducing travel times for customer-specific trainings by at least 70%.
  • Significant increase in reach.
  • Reducing workload in the organizational areas for trainings by 200 hours.
  • Sales increased by 25% with simultaneous cost reduction, which increased the contribution margin by 46%.

Monika Chabowski
Project Manager MeetS4B

Antje Henneke
Executive Vice President

Kimberly Gubala
Business Development Manager

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