Simply the best meeting experience!

Customized for highly technical and enterprise requirements

Completely compatible

MeetS4B works independently from your infrastructure or your internal technical resources. There is no strain of your own IT organization or of the IT organization of your customers. Do you use Skype for Business? Perfect! Then you already have the best requirement to use MeetS4B.

More freedom,
great flexibility

MeetS4B significantly reduces the time and effort required to organize your meetings. This gives you much more time to focus on the needs of your customers.

Direct exchange

One of the biggest advantages of MeetS4B is bidirectional communication. The presenter can interact with the participants and the participants can interact with each other. For an active and immediate meeting experience.

Simply brilliant

MeetS4B is based on Skype for Business technology,
making you use a familiar and comfortable environment.

without limits

MeetS4B allows you and your customers to access from anywhere in the world. With up to 1,000 meeting participants or even 10,000 broadcast participants.

Facilitates more
positive experiences

MeetS4B ensures a significant reduction in the frustration rate of presenters and participants because of its flawless and unbeatable performance.

Complete overview

We developed a reporting dashboard with Microsoft PowerBI for MeetS4B. This gives you a detailed overview of all relevant data. Almost in real-time.

Monika Chabowski
Project Manager MeetS4B

Antje Henneke
Executive Vice President

Kimberly Gubala
Business Development Manager

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